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  1. The Cult of Moloch

    Evidence concerning Moloch worship in ancient Israel is found in the legal, as well as in the historical and prophetic literature of the Bible. In the Pentateuch, the laws of the Holiness Code speak about giving or passing children to Moloch (Lev. 18:21, 20:2–4) and the law in Deuteronomy speaks of "passing [one's] son or daughter through fire" (18:10). Although Moloch is not named in the Deuteronomy passage, it is likely that his cult was the object of the prohibition.

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    Decorators. They got to do something. But we don't have to glorify it. You know one of the reasons fashions have made women look so terrible is because the goddamned designers hate women. Designers taking it out on the women. Now they're trying to get some more sexy things coming on again.

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Bohemian Grove Roster Sent Anonymously to Infowars
Membership List Reveals Former Presidents, Host of Academics and NWO Operators

An interesting package came into the Infowars mailbox recently-- sent anonymously with no return address-- but the contents revealed the reason for secrecy. Someone has shipped our office the 2006 membership roster for the secretive and exclusive Bohemian Grove, which Alex Jones infiltrated and exposed in 2000.

A number of high profile elites appear on the list, including David Rockefeller (and son), Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, David Gergen (who Alex Jones confronted about his grove membership), Colin Powell, George P. Shultz, Donald Rumsfeld and even Kenneth Starr, who gained attention after prosecuting Bill Clinton.

See a 1981 news report on the grove.

1981 News Report About Bohemian Grove

Many U.S. Presidents have gone to the grove, but most do not appear on the membership roster, though we know that Reagan, Nixon (both pictured below at the Grove), George W. Bush, Herbert Hoover and many other presidents have also attended but are not listed, as is the case for presidential advisor Karl Rove.

Walter Cronkite, the infamous and notable TV journalist, is also a member and listed in the directory. The 'P' next to his name denotes "Regular - Professional." Also listed is the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf.

Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster

Beyond Presidents and elite world controllers, the exclusive male-only club has obviously used the appeal of the retreat to influence the world of academia-- at least 50 well-known universities are represented at Bohemian Grove, including almost every school in California, at least any that come to mind. The members-- which includes listings of older and deceased members who no longer attend-- are influential faculty members, board members, trustees or presidents of universities.

Stanford University with 17 members and U.C. Berkeley with 19 members, were the most heavily represented schools. (See members from academia below-- note: only those members with schools listed by their name were counted as academia, with many other members listed by city and name or only by name).

Stanford University (David Michael Kelley, David Beaven Abernethy, Michael J. Boskin, David W. Brady, Carlos A. Camargo, James P. Collman, Thomas H. Henriksen, Ken Jowitt [Hoover Institute], Michael A. Keller, Arjay Miller, Charles G. Palm, John Raisian, Channing Rex Robertson, D.A. Skoog ["Old Guard" member in 1964], John B. Taylor, Bill Walsh, Pete Wilson [Hoover Institute]),

U.C. Berkeley (Walter Alvarez, Jesse H. Choper, Charles Faulhaber, Michael A. Harrison, Andrew G. Jameson, Howard R. Katz, Watson M. Laetsch, Hayne E. Leland, Donald A. McQuade, Charles H. Mel, Richard A. Muller, Kevin Padian, Thomas H. Pigford, P. Buford Price, Vincent H. Resh, Arthur H. Rosenfeld, George W. Rutherford, David A. Shirley [Emeritus], Charles H. Townes),

OTHER UNIVERSITIES IN CALIFORNIA: Claremont-McKenna, (Jack L. Stark),Pepperdine University (Charles B. Runnels, Kenneth W. Starr), CA Institute of Technology (David Baltimore, Charles Elachi), U.S.C. (Shelton Berg, Michael L. Garrett, Brian E. Henderson, M.D. [School of Medicine], Stephen J. Ryan, Steven B. Sample), Scripps College, Claremont, CA (John H. Chandler [member since 1983), U.C. Irvine (Robert C. Combs), U.C. Davis (Arthur H. Smith, Lloyd H. Smith, Jim L. Sochor [Emeritus], Joe P. Tupin, Larry N. Vanderhoef, Julian R. Youmans), University of the Pacific (Donald V. De Rosa), California Academy of Science (Robert C. Drewes), U.C. Hastings School of Law (Geoffrey C. Hazard, William T. Hutton, Frederick W. Lambert, Stephen A. Lind), U.C. Santa Barbara (Robert A. Huttenback), University of California (Hugh D. McNiven, Rudi Schmid), Scripps Institute, UCSD (Charles F. Kennel), CA Academy of Sciences (John P. Kociolek), UCLA (James Q. Wilson [also Harvard emeritus]), U.C. San Francisco (Jay A. Levy, Robert G. Miller, Ronald D. Miller, William R. Murray, Stanley B. Prusiner, Arthur N. Thomas), University of San Francisco (John LoSchiavo, John P. Schlegel), SF State University (John E. McCosker, Arthur Mejia), S.F. Conservatory of Music (Colin Murdoch), Cal State University (Ward M. McAfee), Harvey Mudd College (Joseph Platt), U.C. San Diego (Kirk L. Peterson), Santa Clara University (Peter O'Malley Pierson)

UNIVERSITIES OTHER THAN IN CALIFORNIA: Princeton University (Orley Clark Ashenfeler), Universit of WA (Thomas L. Bosworth, Edward D. Verrier), Yale Uninversity (Gerad N. Burrow), University of Calgary (Barry Cooper), Vermont Law School (Douglas M. Costle), Bates College, ME (Edward S. Harwood), Universite Paris (Bertrand Jacquillat), University VA Law School (Charles W. Johnson), Sante Fe Institute (Edward A. Knapp), University of Texas (Bobby Ray Inman, Darwin R. Labarthe, Jeffrey C. Smith), University of Maryland (John Lenczowski), University of Nevada-Reno (Warren L. Lerude), Morehouse College (Walter E. Massey), Howard University (Kurt L. Schmoke), Rockefeller University (Frederick Seitz [labeled as "old guard"; obtained membership in 1966], Wake Forest University (James F. Toole), Duke University Law School (Francis E. McGovern), University of North Carolina (David F. Merten), Amherst College (Joseph G. Moore), Syracuse University (Sean O'Keefe), Columbia University (Ralph M. Richart), Middlebury College (John Spencer), Oberlin College (S. Frederick Starr), George Mason University, VA (Walter E. Williams)

The list of notables also includes a number of foreign dignitaries and heads of institutes throughout the U.S. and abroad. Notable Bohemian Grove member Helmut Schmidt, who wrote about his love for the club in his autobiography, Men and Powers, is not listed in 2006 volume.

Institute of International Education (founded in 1919, in the same time-frame of the League of Nations and the C.F.R.) (Richard M. Krasno)

One of the world's foremost oceanographers, Robert D. Ballard-- who made his name investigating the wreckage of the Titanic, the Bismarck and other famous ships, is listed as representing the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, a member since September 12, 1991. Robert Berj Gagosian also represents Wood Hole.

Bobby Ray Inman, former head of the NSA and defamed candidate for Secretary of Defense under Clinton, now at the University of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs in Austin, TX.

Christopher C. DeMuth of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.

Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. and Edwin Meese III of The Heritage Foundation.

James A. Kelly of the Pacific Forum CSIS in Honolulu.

Consul General of Japan, Makoto Yamanaka

Dennis M. Power, Director of the Oakland Museum

Fmr. Surgeon General of the U.S., Richard Carmona (term: 2002-July 2006)

Consular Mexico - Alfonso de Maria y Campos

The Consul General of Luxembourg, Robert Biwer.

Also, the Indian Ambassador to the U.S., K Shankar Bajpai (Jan 25, 1968), also a CFR member.

Ken Starr
Ken Starr

I've also included the so-called 'LIST OF FIFTY' a list honoring regular attendees, though few of the names stand out on first pass. 'Honorary Associates' and 'Honorary Regulars' are also distinguished in the 104-page directory with thousands of names.

Notably, in addition to the anonymous shipping of this directory, Alex Jones received a call at his home from the BOHEMIAN GROVE, which was listed on caller-id, but no one identified themselves. It is not clear if this member roster was sent by an employee of the Grove, a member or came to this office through other means.

Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster

Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster

Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster

Bohemian Grove Honorary Roster

Roy A. "Bud" Folger, 81, a beloved personality of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas and longtime resident of Menlo Park and Palo Alto, died July 18 in Santa Cruz. A man of irrepressible good cheer and generosity, his love of music, humor and people endeared him to countless friends. He grew up in Palo Alto and graduated from the University of Santa Clara in 1941 before joining the Army Air Force and serving as master sergeant in the European campaign. He then went to work at his father's insurance brokerage firm and continued the business for the next 40 years. Until he and his wife Patricia moved to Santa Clara County in 1985, he was an active member of St. Raymond's Catholic Parish in Menlo Park, as well as the Guardsmen, the Olympic, and Bohemian clubs of San Francisco. He served as president of the Bohemian Club from 1971 through 1973. His great talent was in sharing his tremendous warmth, wit, and kindness with all he met. He is survived by six children, Roy Folger, Jr. of Mountain View; Timothy Folger of Watsonville; Laura Folger of San Francisco; Matthew Folger of Huntington Beach; Susan Thomson of Mountain View; and Sarah Folger of Los Angeles; three sisters, Elizabeth Erlin of Palo Alto; Grace Haid of Menlo Park; and Mary Barrett of Palm Springs; and an abundance of grandchildren. A memorial mass has been held. Donations may be sent to Camphill Special School-Beaver Run, 1784 Fairview Road, Glenmoore, Penn. 19343.